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All of us who actually play this game knows that there aren’t many updates from the developers in this game, but I don’t mind that very much as there is lots of cool stuff to do in the game and it actually doesn’t need many updates. Recently, about 2 months ago, Growtopia developers released an update which included some dinosaurs! I was so happy to read this as I really love them.

Growassic park

We got to play with dinosaurs, explore new worlds and collect new materials for us to use and build new stuff! You can tell that they worked pretty hard on this update since there is lots of cool new stuff to play with. They also released a new pack for gems where you could buy 20 000 gems for a really low price. Of course, many people bought it. If you missed all of this, check out this video where one player explained everything there is to this new update.

You will see lots of cool things in this update so I recommend all of you that you start playing and get all of those time-limited resources!

Growtopia HERO

There is also something else I wanted to talk about with you guys. So, if you didn’t know, there is a monthly competition where if you make a cool video about Growtopia, you get lots of gems as a reward. Well, one player decided to make a superhero video about the game and got lots of gems! If you somehow missed it, check out the video below and take a look for yourself. You can see right from the start that there is lots of time and effort put in this video and that he really deserved this reward.

That would be all from me today. I hope that you will have a happy holiday and I wish you all the best in the Growtopia world. I really hope that there will be some Christmas update soon and that we will see lots of new resources and items. Until then, stay safe!

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