Growtopia Gems – what do they do

You might seen a few types of gems in this game. They are basically all the same, but some of them are just worth more than the others. So let me explain this to you.

Types of gems

Yellow gems – when you collect these types of Gems, it will only give you 1 gem to your inventory.

Blue gems – when collected, 4 gems are added to your inventory.

Red gems – gives you 10 gems when collected.

Green gems – when you collect a green one, you will get extra 50 gems to your account. This is great, but these types of gems can be only found by breaking certain stuff in the game like mystery block. These types of blocks are not common so keep an eye out for them because they can really be worth a lot of gems.

Pink gems – this particular gem will bring in a whooping 100 gems! This is a lot since you can do a lot of good things with 100 extra gems. These types of gems, as well as the green ones, can only be found in special places and by braking80+ blocks.

Purple gems – you will probably see this just a few times playing the game. These are rare as in really rare. They give you extra 200 gems. If you see a Pot of gold, break it! Right away! That’s the only place you will find them.


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  2. Hello admin!I visit your website often to check for some more tips and tricks. Thanks for everything, you really helped me advance in this game!

  3. there is lots of sites that offer some tips and tricks, but you offered the best ones. I started using your tips a few days ago and they really helped me out 🙂

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