Building a good farm world

I have been playing this game for a while now and I think it’s time that I get my own farm world for myself and my friends. In this guide, I will teach you how to make a good farm world that you can enjoy with your friends.

Making room

First thing that you will wanna do is to make room for your stuff. There is a lot of stuff that you will need to make a good farm world so it’s good that you clear your world from the stuff that you don’t need so you have space to place the stuff you will actually need later on in the game. So, go ahead, take your time and clean your world from the things that you don’t need. Those are something like, dirt and lava. Clean whatever you think you won’t need.


Good design

Now this is the really important part. You will have to make sure that you world looks good and that appeals other players. Make several layers of your world so there is enough space for everything you need and so that you can have lots of people in your world. Add some trees and blocks, make it look good.

Place a room for storage

Now this is also important (everything is actually). Make sure to place a storage so people can store their items and other stuff that they collect in your world.


This is the thing that will attract most players – seeds. You will have to decide what you want to plant on your world. You can choose anything you want, but it’s good that you have something that players really want – something like sugar canes (these are really good as most of the players use them often). Buy some good amounts of seeds so that you have plenty, but don’t spend all of your gems on the seeds, make sure to leave some for some other stuff.



That’s it guys! This is how I build my worlds and they are pretty popular. I use these guidelines every time I’m building a world and it always works and I hope that will work for you too! If you want more info about this, watch this video and you will learn even more!

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