When game becomes popular and everyone is playing, most of the players want some extra cheats that they can use to get and advantage. If you’re looking for some good Growtopia cheats then you came to the right place. Here you will learn how to get those precious Growtopia gems for free and within minutes.

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Best Growtopia Cheats and free gems

This particular Growtopia gem generator is very simple and easy to use (learn more about gems here). You can use it from anywhere and on all devices. It’s works on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Microsoft phones. It’s actually very simple. This tool will allow you get some Growtopia free gems using this tool. It’s completely safe and you don’t have to worry about anything like getting your account banned or something like that. You will have to provide us with your username, but nothing else. If you don’t know the username, you can enter your email address that you used and that will be enough for us to send you those gems. These gems are stored on our server and we will need some information on where to send them. The process is simple and easy. Enter your username or email like on the image below:

Growtopia username tutorial

Select the amount of gems like on the image below:

Growtopia Gems

Now there is only one step and that is clicking on the button “Send”. Now wait a few seconds for the Growtopia gem generator to show a message that it is done. Once you see the message, just head to your account and open the game. There you will see that you will have all of your gems on your account. Yes, it’s simple as that. We call this Growtopia cheats, but those are not really that much of a cheat since you only need to click a few buttons to get them. If you want to start generating right now and start using this Growtopia gem generator, click on the button below and you will see the generator itself.

Growtopia generator button

What you need to know

There is a few things that you need to know. First is that you can only generate up to 99 999 of gems daily per account. So, if you have 2 accounts, you can generate as twice as much without having to worry about our limits. Once the 24 passes, you can generate another batch of 99 999 gems to your account or accounts. For your safety, we use proxy that are tested every hour by our servers. Because of this, Growtopia cheats will be here for a while and you will be able to get your use these Growtopia gems for quite a while so don’t worry. And the last thing is – this works like a charm. Our team uses it every single day without a problem and we can’t be happier that we are actually sharing this with the rest of the world so spread it around, let everyone know that they can get some sweet Growtopia gems without paying a single dime for them. And here is the proof of our account:

Growtopia unlimited gems